Game Review: Horizon: Zero Dawn

Title: Horizon: Zero Dawn
Developer/Publisher: Guerrilla Games; Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release Date: Febuary 28 2017
Platform: PS4
Source/ format: Purchased (Christmas Gift), Disc
Other: Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Addition, Frozen Wilds DLC

My Thoughts:

I was really looking forward to playing Horizon: Zero Dawn, I had expectations, and they were delivered. The combination of characters, storytelling, side missions, and open world made Zero Dawn a worthwhile game to play.
The majority of the story is presented the same way from when you start the game with Aloy as a child: walking through a dilapidated structure, listening to audio files and reading documents. That being said, a lot of the missions had action too. Actually, I found it to be a nice balance between fighting and reading/listening. Besides, there were quite a few side missions, and other things like Cauldrons, Tallnecks, Corruption Zones, Bandit Camps and Hunting Grounds that I couldn’t get enough of. This doesn’t even take into consideration the Frozen Wilds DLC (part of the complete addition), which I have yet to get my hands on. Overall, there was plenty of action to go around.

The next positive aspect of this game is the open world. You can pretty much revisit all the ground you previously covered. You can even climb Tallnecks again, but you can’t override them (enjoy the views though). The only places you can’t set foot on again are the cauldrons and some mission areas, which are cleverly placed on the edge of the map.

My only problem was the distance between some of the missions, which led to me using fast travel. However, I can’t say I was too annoyed since you can acquire a Golden Fast Travel. But my laziness did lead me to missing some settlements and side missions.

Finally, I liked the various levels of difficulty. I haven’t played above easy since I love story, but it’s very tempting. I finished playing the game on story mode where combat is eased to a minimum. The final boss wasn’t overly easy, but it was easy enough (with Shield-Weaver that is).

Overall I really enjoyed Horizon Zero Dawn, I enjoyed the ability to stealth (or not), the open world, the story, and practically everything. Highly recommend playing it.

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