Book Review: A Guide to Fashion Sewing 6th Edition

Title: A Guide to Fashion Sewing 6th Edition
Authors: Connie Amaden-Crawford
Source/Format: Library/Borrowed; Paperback
More Details: Fashion Design; Sewing; *copy did not include studio accesses
Publisher/ Release date: Fairchild Books; March 12, 2015

Synopsis from Fairchild Books:
A Guide to Fashion Sewing, 6th Edition, provides a comprehensive fashion sewing resource for beginning and advanced sewers alike. Readers will learn how to assemble and construct designs of various styles using proven industry methods for more than 100 sewing applications. Chapters cover everything from sewing equipment, measurements, and fabric selection to actual garment assembly. Filled with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions and large, clear illustrations, this book is an indispensable resource for constructing quality garments. Accompanying video demonstrations help readers learn at their own pace basic sewing skills and techniques such a seams, darts, bias binding, zipper, and garment assembly.
The new edition features an updated design, new industrial sewing machine information and photographs, and expanded information on tailoring. Amaden-Crawford has added convenient metric measurement equivalents to the text, helpful project checklists to aid self-assessment of completed project, and 1/2 scale patterns to make sample garment assembly easier than ever before.

My Thoughts:

A Guide to Fashion Sewing 6th Edition by Connie Amaden-Crawford details the basics of creating fashion for all levels. I became interested in reading this book after reading the author’s other book, The Art of Fashion Draping 2nd Edition. Despite its length it was a smooth, easy read, making it pleasant to follow along.

I already know a bit about sewing, but this book was still helpful. The decent size illustrations make the steps easier to follow. Steps are clearly illustrated identifying what goes where, and where to place the pins, seams, etc. There’s even an appendix with practice patterns for things like welt pockets, button plackets, and darts!

I don’t know what else to say about A Guide to Fashion Sewing except it’s one of the best in-depth sewing books I’ve recently read. I totally recommend checking it out.

Thanks for reading.

Book Reveiw: Couture Confessions

Title: Couture Confessions: Fashion Legends in Their own Words
Authors: Pamela Golbin, with introduction featuring Hamish Bowles
Illustrator: Yann Legendre

Source/Format: Library/Borrowed; Hardcover
More Details: Fashion Design
Publisher/ Release date: Rizzoli Ex Libris; June 7, 2016

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Synopsis from Rizzoli:
Late legendary couturiers of modern fashion speaking eloquently about life, design, and inspiration. Vionnet, Chanel, Dior, Saint Laurent, McQueen—these names define haute couture, and long after the designers have passed away, their influence on fashion continues to be profound. In an exceptional compilation of the original words of these couturiers, Couture Confessions provides a unique and in-depth look at the lives and work of these fashion icons. In this engaging, beautifully designed book, Pamela Golbin, acclaimed chief curator of twentieth-century fashion and textiles at Paris’s Musée des Arts Décoratifs, has ingeniously constructed conversations in the designers’ own words that highlight their compelling personal stories as well as essential fashion "moments"—from designers Paul Poiret, Cristóbal Balenciaga, Madame Grès, Alexander McQueen, Madeleine Vionnet, and Gabrielle Chanel to Elsa Schiaparelli, Yves Saint Laurent, Jeanne Lanvin, Pierre Balmain, and Christian Dior. Featuring striking illustrations by internationally recognized illustrator Yann Legendre, each "interview" asks the questions every fashion lover has always wanted to ask, making these legends approachable, human, and ever more inspiring.

My Thoughts:
Couture Confessions by Pamela Golbin is formatted in an interesting way.  The author poses questions and uses quotes from  late designers such as Lanvin, Chanel, and Vionnet  to answer them. This was definitely an interesting take on some of the greatest fashion designer's thoughts; making it an interesting read.

I have to admit, I went into the book blind. I didn’t even look at the synopsis. At first I couldn’t get into the book; however, I kept reading as I was curious. Eventually it captured my attention. As the synopsis explains, the questions Goblin posed were ones I would have asked. From it, my appreciation grew for the designers, their life, their creative process, and the teams working behind the scenes. Also featured in the book are illustrations from Yann Legendre, which were beautiful.

As I said above, I like Couture Confessions and found it to be an interesting read.

Thanks for reading.