Double Review! A Guide to Quality Taste & Style by Tim Gunn and Kate Moloney & Plus Style: The Plus Size Guide to Looking Great by Suzan Nanfeldt

Whoa, it's been a long time since I posted a review, but I've been busy. Today I'm reviewing two different styling books.

The First Book

Title: A Guide to Quality Taste & Style
Author: Tim Gunn, Kate Moloney
Illustrator: Laine Roundy
Source/Format: Library Barrowed; Hardcoer
ISBN: 9780810992849
More Details: Self-help, Styling, Fashion, Clothing and Dress
Publisher/ Release date: Abrams Image; May 1 2007

What I Thought

A Guide to Quality Taste & Style is a nice little styling book. It goes over basic things to consider like cleaning out closets, shopping, and dress codes. It was a considerably quick read. The information seems like a good starting point, especially if you've never taken a good look at how you dress. I already followed a lot of the advice presented, so there wasn't much new for me. However, I still enjoyed this book.

The Second Book

Title: Plus Style: The Plus-Size Guide To Looking Great
Author: Suzan Nanfeldt
Illustrator: Shawn Banner
Source/Format: Library Borrowed; Paperback
ISBN: 0452275962
More Details: Self-help, Style guide, Fashion
Publisher/ Release date:  Plume; Sep 1 1996

What I Thought

Plus Style is a slightly long but informative read that covers measuring, style, color, proportions, underclothes, and more. There were a lot of things that were out of date, but it was still interesting to see the difference between the style of today and that of when this book was published in 1996. Although some of the information was outdated, there was still advice that holds true even today. For example, how certain lines, shapes, or color combinations can move the eye towards a particular direction.

Even though these are two very different styling books, I still found them helpful and enjoyable.

I give both books

Thanks for reading.