Hello Again, Some Art and Art Block, New Old Books

I'm back from my break and wanted to catch up over here. 

I wanted to return earlier but that never happened. My art block kind of extended into everything. Before that I finished some art.

And sometimes it's nice to just sit there and create abstract things until they form something. That’s how I ended up with these two after feeling better.

Not much of a haul person, but I did get some things. First up are the last books from two series I needed to complete, The Books of Elsewhere and Dead City. Then I got some books from Better World Books. I was mainly after the Old-Fashioned Baking by Better Homes and Gardens. Then I looked for tap dancing books. 

Three books arranged in a triangle position. Inside Tap by Anita Feldmand, The Book of Tap by Jerry Ames and Jim Siegelman, and Old-Fashioned Baking by Better Homes and Gardens.Books arranged in an upside down triangle. The Books of Elsewhere: The Strangers and Still Life by Jacqueline West; and Dead City: Dark Days by James Ponti

I have to admit, I love old books. That's why I jumped at The Book of Tap by Jerry Ames and Jim Siegelman. I’m already  reading Inside Tap and currently like it –especially that Feldman starts with defining the terms. But, I'm going to stop myself here because this isn't  a review.

Thanks for reading!