Book Review: The Knitter's Dictionary

Title: The Knitter's Dictionary
Author: Kate Atherley

Source/Format: *BookistFirst; Hardcover
More Details: Knitting; nonfiction
Publisher/ Release date:  Interweave, Oct 30 2018

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Synopsis from Goodreads:

From "alt" to "yrn," knitting patterns have a unique language of abbreviations and knitting techniques. The Knitter's Dictionary is your comprehensive resource for understanding the language of knitting in a quick-reference guide that no knitting bag should be without. For beginner and skilled knitters alike, there's always something new to discover in your next handknit project. The Knitter's Dictionary puts an expert knitting instructor in the palm of your hands to help you navigate any pattern.

My Thoughts:

I often find myself scratching my head at the various knitting terminology –that’s why I was excited to read The Knitter’s Dictionary by Kate Atherley. It explains a lot of the terminology clearly and gives tutorials with images for others.

As a casual and beginner knitter, I found this book to be an enjoyable and helpful read. With this book, I discovered techniques that I’ve never dreamed of being possible. Take bobbles (p.20) for example, it requires knitting multiple short rows with a group of increase stitches. I never heard of working rows before finishing the actual row. Additionally there are quite a few charts and extra tips throughout the book.

Overall, it’s nice to have so much information (if not all of it) in one place. The Knitter’s Dictionary is a neat, little book that I totally recommend, especially if you’re into knitting.

*I received this book from BookishFirst and Interweave for this review.