ARC Review: Black Skinhead by Brandi Collins-Dexter

Title: Black Skinhead: Reflections on Blackness and Our Political Future
Author: Brandi Collins-Dexter
Source/Format: Celadon; Paperback ARC
Publisher/ Release date: Celadon; Sep 20, 2022

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Synopsis From Goodreads:
In Black Skinhead, Brandi Collins-Dexter, former Senior Campaign Director for Color Of Change, explores the fragile alliance between Black voters and the Democratic party. Through sharp, timely essays that span the political, cultural, and personal, Collins-Dexter reveals decades of simmering disaffection in Black America, told as much through voter statistics as it is through music, film, sports, and the baffling mind of Kanye West.

While Black Skinhead is an outward look at Black votership and electoral politics, it is also a funny, deeply personal, and introspective look at Black culture and identity, ultimately revealing a Black America that has become deeply disillusioned with the failed promises of its country.
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What I Thought:
Politics is not my typical genre, but I still wanted to give Black Skinhead by Brandi Collins-Dexter a read since Celadon sent it to me. And I'm glad I did. Besides I thought I would like it from the sound of the synopsis.

I found Collins-Dexter’s writing to be excellent and enjoyable. I loved the way she incorporated her personal experiences into her points (or vice versa depending on how you look at it). Plus the way she goes about explaining said experiences and opinions does give a reader much to think about. For once I don’t actually have much to add since the synopsis (above) sums up Black Skinhead well. If it sounds like it’s up your alley, then you may want to check it out.

I received this book from Celadon Books for this review.

Thanks for reading!

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